Development of an Autonomous System Providing Information for Promotional Pusposes

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the success of a business activity is measured by the size of profit it generates, therefore, it is vital to increase it in every possible way. The easiest way of doing it is by increasing the number of sales, i.e. getting new markets. A whole new industry is built on it which is called ad & marketing industry.

Commercials have been bombarding us, thus our senses are becoming overloaded. Instead of stopping and reading them carefully, we tend to perceive them as environmental noise. Thus their messages are losing their power and we are becoming resistant to them. In such an environment any technical support may result in success on the market and profit.

Accordingly, the objective of my thesis is that on the basis of an intuitive idea I should develop a device capable of autonomous operation which can easily be used in practice and is also capable of conveying messages effectively to the customers.

First I analyzed the possible ways of transferring information. Then I chose the least overloaded sense of ours and by examining its operation I acquired some knowledge about the processing of information in the human mind. Finally I defined the necessary processes and physical parameters on the basis of which I determined the requirements of the device as well as the possible ways of its further development.

Following these steps, I designed the units of the device and implemented the necessary hardware components. I have also designed some units for the further improvement of the device where the hardware compatibility required it.

Finally I designed the necessary software, chose the ready-made modules and determined the ways of using them. Then I implemented the blocks of the software to the necessary degree during testing.

Thus the device conveying information was completed and I tested its functionality by the components. I repaired certain faults, whereas others likely to occur at later stages are documented in the thesis together with the necessary measures to repair them.


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