Control of autonomous modelcar in fixed track

OData support
Dr. Dabóczi Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The problem is the controlling of an autonomous modellcar on fix track. First the car has to observe the path, the type of the curves and the length of the straight sections and evaluate the periodicity of path. Then the samples are processed by the microcontroller and the structure of the track is estimated. A control array is created which is going to be used by the modellcar to control its speed.

The car has to wait until the beginning of the first curve, and after that can use the controll array. An instruction consists of four constant. The first is a wait time, the second one is a speed up time. The third element is slow down time and the last one is a constant speed.

The sampling time lasts 6 seconsd long, this contains at least a whole period of the track. The car must go for 15 seconds, and logging the curve in- and out-times. The timestamps can be used to find out the periodicity. The times must be logged at least twice as long as the sampling time (6 seconds).

The range of the path is known, and the path does not contain crossing element. It is built from only bended and straight parts.


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