Autonomous Robot Control in AR/VR Environment

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Dr. Vidács Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Robotics is a widely available technology for everyday usage. It provides useful tools for solving complex problems. The robot has to know the exact model of the surrounding environment for the proper operation. Thus it needs to have integrated sensors. I built a single camera on the device. The robot uses Computer Vision to process the images coming from the camera. There is an open source software library called OpenCV, that implements the algorithms of Computer Vision. I developed a standalone system, in which robotic vacuum cleaner discovers the surrounding environment, then moves around inside the model knowing its actual position. I used photogrammetry for reality capture and 3D reconstruction, with which I was able to create a very detailed model of the real world. I employed Virtual Reality components in the system to display the model with the Head-Mounted Display. I also took into consideration the concepts of Cloud Robotics during the development. It means that data processing takes place in the cloud, so there is the potential to release substantial resources on the robot's local computer. The cloud offers unlimited computational capacity for processing a huge amount of data. However, this method creates new challanges for the computer networking technologies.


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