Autonomous collision avoidance system

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


During my thesis I made a model of a Collision Avoidance System. Nowadays the cars are − equipped with autonomous systems −, becoming more popular. By eliminating the human reaction time, cars can be made safer and more comfortable. For example, Driver Assitance Systems or the Automated Parking Systems.

My project was to make a model, which can be operated by human control or − under the right circumstances – by the autonomous mode. I had to build two units: a remote controller and the car’s controller. The remote controller is responsible for directing the car, which − if an object is in the way − takes control and decides in the autonomous mode. There are two different ways: braking or the avoidance algorithm.

Our units „brains” are mikrocontrollers. The radiocommunication is given by two 434 MHz panels, while the objects are detected with an infra sensor. Engineering of the hardware and the software, also was a part of my thesis.


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