Autonomous noise figure application development for RF integrated circuits

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Dr. Zólomy Attila Imre
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Nowadays, it is more important by propagation of IoT (Internet of Things) to realize an efficient communication way between low energy devices. However during the developement not only the quality is important, but also other considerations like time-to-market, parcicularly on this continously expanding market.

My thesis’s goal was developing an application for noise figure measurement, which can support the design and validation process of receiver key parameters of radio modules, those contain a Silicon Labs EFR32 radio chip. It was also important consideration by the developing, that the application requires no expensive external instruments, be able to provide results fast and except from the starting the application, it requires no human intervention.

For the noise figure measurement I implemented the well-known Y-factor method, however the recency of my work is given by that the measurement runs on the radio itself. The noise figure and the gain of the receiver chain is measured between the input and the radio’s IFADC and the output of the following decimation and channel filter stages, using up the I-Q samples of the received signal, so the measurement applies digital signal process.

In my thesis work, I focused mainly on the methods of noise figure measurement, and the introduction and measurement technique of the application, and at the end of the paper I validated the measurement setup.


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