Integration of components of a highway management system and development of a thick client on Java EE platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The infrastructure and device equipment of a highway network requires a tremendous amount of attention. Road errors must be corrected, plants along the road must be cut regularly in order to prevent them lopping over the road, if there is ice on the road, it must be removed, drivers must be warned about obstructions on the road or unfavorable road condition as soon as possible, to give them enough time to prepare to by-pass it or travel through it safely.

For that reason, an armada of devices are installed and operated along the road to ease the supervision of the highways. Road traffic can be observed with remote-controlled PTZ cameras. Real-time traffic statistics are collected by traffic counter devices embedded in the road. Real-time weather measurement data are collected by weather stations, with which road conditions can be determined. Road supervisors also take duty in road supervision by patrolling regularly.

If road-maintenance is in progress or congestion has developed, drivers are informed using Variable Message Signs (VMS). These are LED displays on which numerous texts and pictures can be displayed remotely. Using variable message signs is an internationally accepted method of informing drivers.

The aim of my thesis is to develop a system which is capable of managing and controlling the devices (weather stations, traffic counters, PTZ cameras and VMSes) along the highways as a Java EE application server module. Some components of this system have been developed during my previous semesters; they must be integrated in a way that they can cooperate. A more complex version of this system is already in use on the Hungarian highways.


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