Travel intermediary web application development on ASP.NET platform

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today’s modern world’s biggest problem is the environmental pollution. Its effects can be seen in the weather already: as everyone can notice, such weather phenomenon appears more often which were not typical, for example floods, earth quakes, tornados, hail. According to the experts these reason is the substantial environmental pollution. There are several ways of pollution, such as the ones caused by exhaust fumes from the cars.

In my thesis I would like to show a simple solution for this kind of pollution. The main point is to maximize the utilization of the cars during the routes between cities. This could be useful for everybody in several ways: by decreasing the travel expense, as the full cost of the travel is divided between the passengers. On the other hand it’s less polluting to travel 5 people in one car, then to travel separately. A communication channel is needed for this.

My goal is to develop a web application which can be this communication channel. Simple and clear interface design is essential while developing.

In my thesis you can see in details the pages embody these functions. I’ll show the develop technology and environmental, as well the possibilities for further development.


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