Investigation of the transmission characteristics of 1x25 kV tration line and the possibilities of the inrease of its transmission capability

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Dr. Varjú György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The increasing demand for rail transport and the appearance of high-performance engines have raised the issue of increasing the transmission capability of the traction line. In my thesis I examined the 1x25 kV traction system used by MÁV and analyzed the possibilities to extend its power transmission capability.

The first section provides an overview of the railway as a transport route, and describes the history of the introduction of electric traction in Hungary.

The second section describes in detail the 1x25 kV feeding system used by MÁV, and the construction of overhead lines.

The third section examines the way of the possible development of the system. Considering the power transmission capabilities of the Hungarian systems, I have presented the various methods for the increase of the current carrying capacity of the overhead line, the way of the identification the rating of the substation of feeding transformers and procedures used to compensate the longitudinal voltage drop in traction feeding system.

The last section provides the summary of the possible developments and the loss reduction.


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