Optimal implementation of an AUTOSAR standard-compliant ICU module

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This document is the textual format of my MSc thesis work. The subject of my thesis work comprises of designing, implementing, and testing of 4 software modules in conformance with the well-known automotive software architecture standard, the AUTOSAR. The standard offers a layered approach for automotive software’s architecture. The top layer deals with application sotware components, the bottom layer consists of drivers, which controls the hardware directly in order to make peripherals and inner hardware units accessible from upper layer’s well-specified interface. These bottom layer is called Microcontroller Abstraction Layer(abbreviated as MCAL), and this is the layer, which contains all of the four driver subject to this document. Four driver has been implemented during the work, namely Port, Dio, Mcu, Icu drivers. Beyond this, a central topic was the analysis of the code size, and the execution time of the implemented Icu module too, and the verification of these, with measurements. Beside, a comparison of an existing implementation of the HIS standard’s CCU driver, and my Icu driver is also being described.


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