A resource optimal realization of AUTOSAR RTE

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Dr. Tevesz Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the last two decades in the automotive industry the size and the complexity of the embedded electrical system has increased significantly. More and more precise and powerful systems are claimed, and this advantage is required in the automotive industry. High performance and reliability are most important requirements. As the complexity of electrical components were growing a standardized Application Programming Interface (API) was required.

In the automotive industry, there are several special standards for communication and interface implementation. One of these standards is AUTOSAR, which was developed according to the requirements of several vehicle manufacturers and several system suppliers. The AUTOSAR is an acronym for Automotive Open System Architecture, which is a system concept for the embedded software architecture. The concept of the standard is to improve the performance and reduce the cost of the electrical systems and to start cooperation between the manufacturers. The concept of the AUTOSAR can increase scalability, transferability, and maintainability of the software components.

The most important module of the AUTOSAR standard is the Run-Time Environment (RTE) module. This is a software bus that connects all the components of the system, creating a well defined and clear interface among the components. This wide range of components do not have to be implemented in one Electrical Control Unit (ECU). All the communicating components connect to this software bus. The purpose of my study is to design and implement an RTE module, find the advantages and disadvantages of using an architecture like this. Optimize the implementation for a single ECU, create a test system, that is suitable for defining the attributes of the RTE. A part of this thesis is to design the test system through the standardized modeling language of the AUTOSAR. During the design the resource consumption will be a key aspect, because of the important and central role of the RTE.


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