Introducing the capabilities of the Android platform through a task manager application

OData support
Gazdi László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays most people have some kind of smartphone with them. We see it as natural that these devices are now part of our everyday. For most activities, doesn’t matter if we are talking about sport, learning or entertainment, you can find an application. Smartphones of course, not only helpful when we do our tasks, but can help manage them as well. The tasks manager applications offer a solution for that. For the user it is important that the application should be easily and efficiently usable. Adding a new task in short time is also an important viewpoint. Later the added tasks, when the user is done with them, should be simply removable.

My goal was to create an Android application, that gives a simple yet efficient solution to the above problem. The user can add their tasks in a simple text or image format. No-tifications can be set to the tasks, that notify based on time or location. The tasks can be accessed from the user’s different devices and be shared with others.

In the thesis I present the designing of the application, also the difficulties that emerged during the process and given solutions to them.


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