Assessment of the change in oscillometric amplitudes resulting from breathing

OData support
Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


The dynamic development in medical sciences is driven by the availability of the new wide – spread diagnostic tools. The more and more accurate and highly precise diagnostic tools with powerful computational capacity help to set up the correct diagnosis. In this case the medical doctor – engineer cooperation is essential to develop the diagnostic tools, new technology and materials. Engineering principles are applied in order to understand biological phenomenon and the digital signal processing. After describing the related physiological basis I completed my biological and anatomical knowledge and summarized the most important details. Then the laboratory, the measurement tools, rules and instructions will be presented.

Then I focus on the signal processing and I have also analyzed the meaningful signal processing algorithm.

I describe what mistakes I found during the implementation and how I solved them or tried to reduce their effect. In the last phase of my work relying on my existing biological knowledge and making use of the readily available algorithm I evaluate the measurement results. I also dealt with measurements made under special conditions to see the relations. Such are the regular breathings under control or heldbreath and measurements at fixed cuff – pressure. I computed correlation among the parameters in question.

Finally I summarize the results and make proposals for the future development.


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