Automatic User Interface Testing of the EMF-IncQuery Framework

OData support
Dr. Ujhelyi Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The purpose of my thesis is the automatic testing of the EMF-IncQuery user interface, which is based on the Eclipse platform and has been developed by the Department of Measurement and Information Systems. For the testing of the user interafeces there must be a sequence of actions on the interface. Ather these actions we could examine the changes and the answers. I have achieved this with the identification and improvement of a tool suitable for an Eclipse user interface that was prepared in the pursuance of a former thesis.

In this thesis I introduce the tools suitable for the testings of the user interface for the Eclipse based applications. I examined which methods and tools are applicable to the testing of the user interface of EMF-IncQuery and on the basis of these I planned and worked out a maintainable set of tests.

I have tested several user interface components of EMF-IncQuery with the environment resulting from the process. These, I organized into groups based on their function, then assessed the results I got and evaluated them.


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