The opportunities and effects of eMobility

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The price of the oil based fuels and the interest of the environment protection increased gradually in the last 30 years. Because these reasons, alternative transport solutions became more and more important. Electric based transport could be a dominant member of these alternative solutions. By the roll-out of the electric vehicles has many good opportunities, but also has several questions and problems, which should be solved in the next future. In this part of my thesis I try to summarize these opportunities and problems.

In the beginning of the document I generally introduced the present hybrid and plug-in technologies and the main properties of few electric vehicle types. The electric drive has many benefits and handicaps. In the end of this chapter I compared these properties.

Using electric vehicles as energy storage could be a great opportunity in the future. I defined the availability of EVs, the opportunity modes of energy storage and the needed infrastructure. In the end of this document I wrote the possible incentive tariff system and summarized the main keys and problems of E-mobility roll-out.


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