Thermal Requirements of LTCC Technology

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Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology


Andras Hetzl: Thermal requirements of LTCC technology

In my thesis, I studied the LTCC technology in details and carried out measurements on two furnaces in the laboratory of Department of Electronics Technology (Budapest University of Technology and Economics). First, I write about ceramics in general and then the LTCC technology is discussed starting with its properties. I also bring examples for the application and then the fabrication process steps are presented. Some deficient LTCC samples from the laboratory are illustrated through photos afterwards.

In the second half of the thesis, measurements of the ovens thermal caracteristics and conclusions are expounded. I set the firing profile, given by DuPont on the Denkal 4N oven, and measurements were carried out mainly in three different places. The basic thought was that temperature is almost equal in the whole firing space, but the results imply that even in a small furnace, there are great differences (even 170 ºC). Finally, I could draw the consequence that the Denkal 4N furnace is suitable for firing LTTC-s, if the tape is placed in the middle and the ventilation hole is closed by a heat-resistant (e.g. cheramic) fabric. On the other hand, the BTU oven can not be used for this technology, due to its malfunction of the first zone and also the difficulties of setting the asymmetric firing profile required by LTCC technology.


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