Some Specific Enviromental Issues Caused by the Újpest Power Station

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The topic of my thesis is the examination on the questions of single atmospheric pollution related to the Power Station of Újpest.

First of all I give an overview about Hungarian emmissions, the participation of emmitter sectors and about the sources and the formation of contaminants.

I pan out about what is the effect of combustibles, the primary energy source on the emmission.

In the historical summary of the power station I present the active units ere now, the amount of supplied electrical and thermic energy in the course of run, and the set of applied combustibles retroactively to the last years.

I work up the atmospheric emmission in a separate chapter. I present the following burn products in a nationwide review and amongst the emmission of the power station: sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, solid material, methane, heavy metals.

I analyze the correspondence of the limiting values of emmission.

I bring out the newest EU regulations, future directives and the adequacy of the power station to these rules.

I do simulation calculations to determinate the concentration of the toxic materials formed in the area of power station, the basis of the program is the Gauss smoke flare model.

In the course of my work I pan out about the harmful effects of contaminants, the corrosive damages, and the formation of smog, which causes problems not only in Budapest but in country towns as well.


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