Computer Aided Design of Legal Requirements of Vision Areas for Wiper Systems

OData support
Dr. Sütő Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The engineering work has been surrounded by standards and legal requirements since Hammurabi’s laws. Engineers have to comply with the rules primarily to ensure human safety. That is why the safety requirements for vehicles have appeared a long time ago and have been continuously improved for reaching higher security levels. The wiper system is a vital safety device that has to work in almost every circumstance and has to grant clear visibility for the driver. To provide the clear visibility among other things the legal requirements define vision areas and specifies the minimal coverage ratio as to how much have to be wiped in the defined areas.

The goal of the thesis is to create a program that consist the valid regulations and automatically creates the vision areas. For this all of the legal requirements worldwide about the vision areas are researched and summarized.

The legal documents are translated to coordinate geometry problems and these are solved by a program code thereby the vision areas of the mainly used standards can be automatically created by the program code. Beside of the requirements of the laws the program fulfills other needs such as user friendly interface and easy maintainability.

The accurate operation of the tool is crucial therefore the results are validated. The regulations are continuously changing so they have to be monitored, and the program has to continually adopt the changes.

The result of this project is a powerful tool which decreases the possibility of human errors, and also speeds up vision area creation. Therefore the process becomes much easier and faster at Bosch.


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