Improving open source alya smart mirror system

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved dramatically over the years to introduce a set of smart gadgets into the market such as smart chairs, smart glasses, and smart mirrors. There are many smart mirror projects on the market; some are open-source and others for production. Alya smart mirror system is a modular-based open-source smart mirror with wide support from third-party modules called ‘Addons’. An Addon is an application that can be downloaded and shown in the mirror using a mobile application. The aim of Alya is to build a completely personalized smart mirror that automatically configures itself depending on the user who is in front of it.

Alya has three main parts, two of which are assigned for the user to use. The core which is the mirror itself, the backend, and a React Native mobile application. It has also visual/voice/gesture recognition on its core. The user simply creates the mirror in his/her home and then starts using the mobile application to configure the mirror based on his/her preferences. Then Alya uses its visual recognition service to identify which user is currently using the mirror, and adjusts itself accordingly. Alya is an open-source project, which provides an easy way for developers all around the world to contribute, test and integrate new modules that add more and more features to the mirror. It also supports visual/voice/gesture recognition at its core. This option adds a wide range of choices for the developers and allows them to come up with more smart ideas for the Addons. Doing this project at home costs up to 200 euro and takes up to one full day of continues work.


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