Optimization and standardization of the change over procedure in automotive electronics production

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

The main goals of my thesis were to observe and improve the changeovers of SMT lines of an automotive factory. In order to achieve this I have got to know the so called Lean production practice what was evoked from Toyota Production System. I have paid special attention to the SMED tool, what is related to the improvements of changeovers. On the basis of my literature study, I have used the acquired techniques to optimize the all SMT lines in the factory. The target was to create standard changeover manual for the production line and to reduce their changeover time.

I started my work with accustomizing myself with the lines and the operations of the processes. I have examined and understood the operations completed by the machines and their significance in the process of the production. Once I have seen through the processes, I made the detailed observation of the changeovers. From my measurement, I have calculated the financial benefits of reducing the time of changeovers which gave the right reason for the improvements.

I have tried to come up with proposals – cooperating with the engineers and colleagues in the shift - to improve and optimize the changeovers. I have performed whole SMED improvements for the SMT production lines, and as a result I have created optimized, standard changeover manuals for the lines and some related machines. I supported the introduction of the standard instructions with trainings.

As a result of my work we could achieve downward changeover time trends at some production lines. My proposals and the SMED, as a Lean tool would be the right direction for the improvements in the future.


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