Technical characteristics of conductors used in the power transmission network, overview and evaluation of future trends and developments

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The development of the transmission line and the development of overhead transmission line conductors have extraordinary huge importance. The conductor losses can cause huge costs to the transmission operator or to the power plant companies. Transmission line development has also big relevance also in the point of view of the European electrical power market integration.

This work summarizes the technical solutions used in Hungary on overhead transmission lines by the MAVIR LTD. I also make a summary of the widely used technical solution of the Hungarian high voltage transmission lines.

In this work I make a summary of the newly availably technologies for transmission conductor and ground wire installation. I also make some technical calculations about the technical parameters and corona losses of conductor wires and about the technical parameters of the widely used ground wire solutions the OPWS-s.

I summarize the criteria of developing or building new transmission lines. Then I develop a method for conductor selection with technical criteria and also with economical calculations and parameters of the conductor.


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