Numerical modeling of electrochemical migration

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Dr. Illés Balázs György
Department of Electronics Technology

Recently we have to face new kind of reliability problems of the electronic devices due to the appearence of new materials (e.g. lead-free soldering) and technological options during manufacturing. One of the reliability problem is the phenomena of electrochemical migration that might be very dangerous for the circuits either causes shorts. Because of the diversity of this phenomena and the number of the influencing factors there isn’t a standard mathematical description.

The purpose of my work was creating a simulation model based on numercal methods. With this model some main processes of the eletrochemical migration can be follow like the change of electric field, potencial and concentraion and the procedure of precipitation. To achieve this I studied the theory of the electrochemical migration and the finite difference method. This model has huge further development opportunities including the modification of the influence factors and consideration of the practical data. The main goal could be not only simulate the reality but also predict it.


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