Mechanical modelling of the material of the human body

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Dr. Rakos Balázs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Computer modeling of the human body has always been a central field of informatics. This work presents an overview of the available tools in the field and discusses their role in model creation. We will go over the techniques for creating geometric models based on actual data and we present a method for representing the human body with a parametric model relying on the dimensions of certain characteristic body parts and their ratios.

In the present study, the model described above is extended to incorporate the material of the human body. We investigate the applicability of the existing solutions for mechanical modeling; in particular, whether these methods are suitable for real-time problems. On the basis of these findings we deduce an analytic solution to the simple case, in which a small exterior force is applied upon the human thigh at a given point. Finally, the presented model and its implementation are discussed in detail with a focus on performance and usability.


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