Investigation of the thermal response of human body by four compartment model

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Németh Márton
Department of Electron Devices

This essay is about physical simulation of the heat response of the human body. The simualtion is based on a dummy model with four compartment (reservoir) inside. The heat regulation and control parameters of a created dummy are tuned according to the considerations came from physiology and the measurement of a few living subject. Standed on automotive requirements and standards, investigations were performed to analyze the human thermal respond to different ambient conditions by measuring the surfacial temperatures of an object (automotive seat), which was in interaction with the human bodies. According to the experiences I was able to design and build a complete simulator (dummy with heat regulation) which mime the behavior of the human body in point of view of thermal characteristics. This standardized dummy is measured in one ambient condition and the results were comapred to the results of measurement of living subjects. The comaprison showed that the main paramteres are well tuned, but the console of the dummy must be further developed.

Using this simulator gives much higher accuracy than before. The reproductivity, repeatibility is better with the new method than with the usually used one-compertment simulation methods.


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