Increasing energy efficiency using partial reconfiguration in networking environment

OData support
Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

FPGAs are getting more and more popular in network devices, working as hardware accelerators. One of the new techniques used in FPGAs are the partial reconfiguration in different devices. With the reconfiguration, a part of the device configuration or the full device configuration can be changed.

There is a strong connection between reconfiguration and energy-efficiency, and by using dynamic partial reconfiguration, the device’s energy consumption can be significantly decreased. Up until now, there is no comprehensive study about the reconfiguration methods, which discusses both the necessary requirements and the effects of these methods.

In my study, I examine the reconfiguration methods. In each method, I study the techniques of the reconfiguration and the necessary requirements for the realization. I examine the achievable positive effects in the reconfiguration for reducing the energy consumption. In my work, the examined devices will be mostly from the network environment. In each reconfiguration method, I sum up the possible ways to use the partial reconfiguration in a networking environment.


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