Energy management system practical implementation

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering


In our gradually improving life the companies pay more attention to cost effectively energy optimisation. The lack of energy and quality, just as the energy effected on price and environment, these are kind of factors which are required the use of energy management systems. The energy management as umbrella term, is not just our present but it will be our future’s determining definition. The topic is so important because currently most of the leaders of the companies are not aware of the realisation of the energy-conscious thinking.

In my thesis I would like to show the term of energy management, the tools which achieve and their construction, communication and usefulness. I got an opportunity from KONsys Kft., which is the most impressive company in our local market, to know their energy monitoring software package deeply. I will represent their Hungarian software the AVReporter’s significance in connection with energy efficiency and touch upon the advantages of energy management systems. After the basics, I will talk about the details, I will design and build up a real complete system about energy control. My aim, during my essay, is to give an insight to everyone with a basic engineer knowledge into the world of management. Anyone will be capable to acquire the design of the energy control system.


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