Presenting in-memory databases with the help of SAP HANA

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays in the modern information society the amount and the size of the data available for the users is enormous. This quantity could be processed in an unimaginably short time that improves the development of the world. The increasing popularity of the social media surfaces as well as the companies are generating plenty of information that Database Management Systems are no longer able to keep the high performance while managing the data. As a result, the number of systems are increasing just like the amount of the processed information.

The solution to handling increasing data and databases is SAP HANA and its in-memory technology, which is the main topic of my thesis. The purpose is to present HANA for those who are interested in or want to expand their knowledge in this topic.

Measuring the speed of the in-memory systems will be performed using SAP HANA database management system. Additionally, I am going to make comparisons using Oracle 11g, which is a traditional relational database management system. This process will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the above compared to each other, providing a picture that can help making a decision which database management system a company should use when processing its data.

This study is meant to be beneficial to those who want to know more about in-memory technology and must make decisions when parts of the choices are Oracle and SAP HANA. The thesis aims to provide a comprehensive description to the professionals who make decisions considering the market.


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