Development and implementation of an obfuscating algorithm in ILObfuscator framework

OData support
Dr. Dunaev Dmitriy
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main goal of my thesis is to make the reader acquainted with the software attacks, and introduce those possibilities which leads to evade or/and encumber them. You can read more about obfuscation. I will provie a detailed description about today’s most commonly used procedures, and I will give some examples to demonstrate them.

In my thesis, I will present the ILObfuscator framework developed by the department (AUT) which has achieved great successes. Besides the existing Obfuscator modules, I will create a new module, which is trying to further increase the results of the obfuscation.

After the introduction of the new module, its implementation will be detailed in two parts; In the first part I will describe the system that aims to keep structure used by the framework. In the second part I show the module that is collecting and sorting the information needed to the obfuscation.

Finally I will fine-tune and test the new routine. From the received data, the results of the new transformation will be determined.


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