Model Based Synthesis of Ocarina Sound

OData support
Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays, the need to produce the sound of a musical instrument artificially, with the help of computers, arises more and more often. This is possible by signal-based synthesis, where a pre-recorded sample of an instrument’s sound is processed, or by model-based synthesis, where we get results by using the physical model of the instrument.

This thesis details the model-based synthesis of the wind instrument called ocarina. It is necessary to understand the physics of the exciter and the resonator. By connecting the two models, it is possible to implement a simulator in MATLAB, which is able to produce the sound pressure of the instrument. Using the parameters of a real ocarina as inputs of the simulator, the different phenomenons during its sound production are observable. The results of measurements taken on the instrument are comparable to the simulations. By changing the inputs of the simulator, we can observe the changes in the output, imply some regularities, and better understand the physics of the ocarina.


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