Online privacy protection in ad serving systems

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Protecting internet users' privacy and enhancing their sense of security is becoming more and more important in online services. It is particularly true for the field of online behavioural advertising, where users are grouped based on their browsing activity in order to serve them more relevant and personalized ads.

Besides online behavioural advertising, ad serving solutions include several features based on the identification of users (which is, of course, anonymous) and the tracking of their online activity.

There are several different technical solutions for storing collected user behaviour data on the client-side. Some of them are still in the standardization process, while others have just recently been deprecated, so it is not an overstatement to call this a constantly evolving field. The same stands for both privacy regulations and opting out client-side storages and user tracking.

In my thesis work I explore the field of privacy protection from the aspects of the ad serving feature-set, client-side storages, and opt-out opportunities. Lastly, I present my system design for an ad server's privacy protection module.


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