Simulation of BPMN2.0 workflows

OData support
Dr. Hegedüs Ábel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Work processes are widely used to describe the steps of complex tasks. Such processes describing the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard, which can be described as high-level processes. However, if high-level processes may be necessary to examine the operation to eliminate design errors.

A dedicated simulation tool that implements the workflow steps to their actual effect is not created, but the process is observed. The simulation process can be used to test various rundown, and allows the process to test the performance and resource requirements. This will help stated what impact the introduction of a process to an existing system.

The BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) is a standard business process modeling language defines the indications for complex processes in a simple design

Purpose: simulation of the model. The simulation of BPMN extends the possibilities of business process analysis. Analysis can be used for the simulation of the interactions, the process change evaluation, and "what if " scenarios to examine.

The simulation gives answers to the following questions:

• What is the total running time in the process?

• What is the optimal use of resources?

• How does the process a larger input event?

• Congestion: what needs to be amended to increase the throughput?

• Two different implementation uses the same resource, which is better?


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