Desing and implementation of web based championship database software

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays, the Internet is becoming more and more popular and is spreading rapidly, as well as the number of users or the amount of content offered to them. Through the Internet you can get the latest news around the word, including the sports news.

Over the years it has become familiar to the people, that they can manage all their cases without the need of personal appearance or any other activity, that requires time, but they can do it comfortably from home, with the help of a computer.

This need is reflected in the field of sport too, because why would we handle different information in different databases in different ways and why would we have human interactions in cases when a computer program can perform the task in an easier way. And what is more important, during the use of a computer program, the chance of an error is less, which results more accurate work.

Not to mention the time, that can be saved, if a request was send by e-mail, which was eliminated and the relevant information got extracted from it. This method also needed a lot of time and human resources. Not to mention the wasted time, if the mail was send by normal postal services, that took more time, than the e-mail solution.

I would like to offer a solution for this problem whit my application, that I developed as a part of my professional thesis. Whit the developed application, it is possible for all branches of sports information in one place to store, retrieve information from it, and all the administrations regarding this matter can be done on the same surface, which can accelerate the process of it much more.


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