Design and development of a mobile banking messaging system and application

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays smartphones are spreading fast, and people would like to perform more and more everyday tasks using them, for example banking.

The objective of my thesis was the design and development of a banking messaging application, with an emphasis on high availability, fault-resistance and security, which communicates with the back-end using the MQTT protocol.

First I examined the technologies used in depth, including their capabilities for high availability.

After this I present the infrastructure to be created, the overview of the structure of each component, and the decisions I made during the planning phase of my work. I also write about the high-level processes which implement each function of the system.

The next chapter is about the steps taken during the implementation phase. I present the detailed structure of the components, the process of development and the creation and configuration of the infrastructure.

Finally I devoted a whole chapter to the performed tests, which includes the individual testing of each component, the overall testing of the system and all of the security tests.


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