Mobile banking application development on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Setting out for a long day’s journey full of tasks without a mobile device is nearly unimaginable in today’s fast-paced world. The speed of the flow of information seems to have increased rapidly thanks to the fast development of smartphones. Almost every device has access to the internet, linking everybody and everything. It should be obvious, that integrating one of the main factors of today’s economy into the system is crucial. So far there have been different e-banking options, all of which are bound to a certain place, or at least not as easily accessible as a smartphone which can easily fit in any pocket. The system and the application presented in this paper focus on filling that gap. Since Google’s Android operating system leads the market in light of its price and its audience, more people may be concerned with the following study. Luckily, both its documentation and its developer interface are strong, however, not in every given aspect but both have been of help in smooth and fast application development. Since each device has to meet strict system requirements, the application is meant to run on every device. Screen resolution, however, was not taken into account, due to the fact that it varies greatly depending on the given device. The final product is an application which can securely communicate with bank servers via the so-called SOAP interface and is capable of querying and modifying data or commencing deposits. Via a financial planning module, the application can process invoice categories, which can be further extended, adding expenses according to the archives of the bank or simply manually, furthermore, savings can be planned easily by providing custom quotas. The application has a Call Center fuction which makes it easier for users to contact their banks. Since all smartphones have GPS-based positioning systems, the application contains a geolocational module which lists each banks and ATMs according to the current position of the user, furthermore it provides possible routes and navigation to these destinations either on foot or by car. But today’s world is not all about functions, design has to be taken into account as well. All these principles were taken into consideration under the development of the application. Who would possibly like using an application which is not enjoyable to use?

My thesis revolves around the technologies used in the application as well as the developmental process and its difficulties.


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