Mobile Banking Application Development for iOS

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the past few years, mobile banking has begun to develop rapidly and this development continues to be an ongoing trend. As for the usage of these applications in the everyday life, they are becoming more and more widespread.

The topic of my thesis is to present the development of a mobile banking application on iOS platform through the example of a real industrial order. This application had to be prepared not only for iOS but for Android too. I focus on the preparation steps of the iOS version, meaning that the Android version is not considered in this paper but every functional requirement described here should work on Android too.

In my thesis, after a short overview of the iOS platform, I expound the functional specification, the main, unique user interace elements, the communication between the server and the client and eventually the architectural structure of the application. After reviewing these, I discuss my role in the development and the work I have done. Finally, I give a brief outlook on the possible future of the application.

During the application development I managed to acquire knowledge and skills in some important development tools. As a result I was able to learn and prepare the architectural structure of the app.

While writing the thesis I had the opportunity see the development process of a complex application in which there are multiple developers working together on the same project. I got familiar with the pros and cons of the joint work. I was also able to get know to know the difficulties and challenges of creating a unique user interface component.

The completed application was subjected to extensive testing by the customer company. As of this writing, the results of this testing are not fully available yet, so I could only describe my gained experiences during the ongoing process.


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