Implementing Banking Services on iOS

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

As smartphones became more and more popular we face a higher demand to use them in order to take care of our daily administrative tasks. The innovative and up-to-date financial institutes are recognizing this demand so they started to develop banking applications for their customers. Since these applications follow the same scheme, the software companies are working on highly reusable products which they customize to satisfy the banks’ needs.

In my thesis, I aim to present the development of such an application by customizing it according to an exact customer’s needs. To achieve this, first I will give a brief introduction of the iOS platform and the current versions then I will give an overview of the whole system’s architecture and the basic conception of the application. After these, I will introduce the project’s modules, the method of the network communications, and the toolchain I used. Then, I will discuss the custom UI elements used on the project, give a detailed overview of the views I developed and the process of a new transaction method’s development.

While working on my thesis, I was able to participate in a huge software project and became a useful member of it. I got familiar with the domain’s concepts while implementing the components related to them.

I find it important to note that there are a lot of implementation details I cannot discuss since those are confidential information.


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