Development of a Beacon based in-building navigation solution in Android

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my dissertation I am exploring IT solutions based on the „beacon” devices technology paying particular attention to indoor navigation systems. During my research I learned of beacons and their specialties as well as the fundamental communication technology they use called Bluetooth Smart.

During my work I explored the possibilities of beacon based navigation systems and also learned about the advantages and limitations of the solutions using this technology.

In my thesis I presented the needs and difficulties exist in the indoor navigation and also showed how and why can “beacon technology” be used as the base of one working solution.

I have developed a prototype of a location tracking/positioning system. As parts of the solution I created a native Android based mobile application and a Servlet which is available as a SAP HANA Cloud service. I gave a detailed description of the solution covering the planning and the development steps.

During development I have tried different alternative approaches of the implementation. This essay documents all the experience and information I gained through the work.

As a closure of my work I tested the working system and evaluated the outcomes. I presented the analysis process and the results.

The system worked successfully during in-door testing, thought the proper operation is subject to strict conditions.

Closing in I made suggestions how it is possible to proceed with the study and further develop the current application.


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