Embedded QNX on Raspberry Pi

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Raspberry Pi is one the most popular single board computers featuring a wide range of services and outstanding functionality, to which several sample applications had been developed and its popularity is still increasing. The QNX operation system possesses significant support in the field of embedded applications, although the system may be the most useful in special areas of application. The aim of my dissertaion was to develop a sample application operating under the QNX operation system, using the Raspberry Pi's platform.

In the second chapter of my dissertation the hardware features of the presentation environment are peresented (Pi 1, Pi 2 and the available expansion board), in the third chapter a theorethical overview is provided of the QNX Neutrino's feautures and the aspects of its design criteria. In the fourth chapter the porting attempt of the software package (so-called 'bsp') being available for me at the beginning of the project, is presented.

In the fifth chapter the achieved resource management units and the demonstrative applications developed with the practical application of the theorethical knowledges and a new bsp, are presented. In the sixth chapter of the dissertation the overall evaluation of the project takes place and the future possible development possibilities are listed.


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