Embedded WEB server for control application

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of my thesis is the development of an embedded communication module. The module is connected to a previously designed distributed control system of a solar system.through CAN bus. The main function of the module is to collect up-to-date parameters and live data from other modules through the bus and enable remote monitoring and control by sending them to the HMI (Human Machine Interface) PCs in the form of a simple webpage.

The introduction chapter deals with the nature, actuality and importance of the topic.

The second chapter gives a brief description about the distributed control system that has been previously designed, then analizes the functions, hardware and software requirements of the module in detail.

The third chapter is about the hardware and software realization of the module’s main communication interfaces (CAN, ETHERNET, USB)

The fourth chapter includes hardware and software aspects of the externally added peripheral units (SD Card, Real Time Clock) and a brief description about the power supply of the module.

The fifth chapter is about the microcontroller’s software, especially the HTTP server task - which relies on the Microchip TCP/IP Stack – and it’s cooperation with other sofware modules of the unit.

The sixth chapter is the user’s manual of the communication module.

The appendix includes schematics, assembly and wiring drawings, bill of materials and screenshots about the test webpages.


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