Development of a WiFi enabled Internet radio player

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Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

As broadband Internet access is becoming more prevalent worldwide thereby it makes the sharing of multimedia content over the internet possible. This also enables broadcasting of audio and video content via the internet. The number of online radio stations is constantly increasing and almost every terrestrial radio station is available online as well.

The online radio stations are intended to be listened to from a personal computer. However, in many cases it would be much convenient if a standalone hardware device existed for receiving online broadcast. This hardware could be much cheaper and simpler than a full computer (for example, in places where there is no need for a computer, etc).

During my work I developed an internet radio player that is capable of playing SHOUTcast streams through WiFi networks. It is very user friendly and simple. The channel list is automatically updated from an online database. This way the user always gets the most up-to-date version of channels. The hardware has a standard 3.5mm sound output, so it can be easily attached to every external speaker system.

During the design I first examined the resource requirements for playing online MP3 streams then I chose the right hardware components for the system. I designed the schematic diagram and the printed circuit board. After all components have been soldered I tested the board and it revealed some problems. Once these issues have been corrected I started to develop the control software, which represents the hardest part of the project.

The hardware also supports wired Ethernet connections and playing music from a USB stick. It has a color display that enables easy interactions with the user and is very simple to use. It is able to play MP3 streams up to 256 kbps through an encrypted WiFi network. Thus, the objective has been successfully met.


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