Design of embedded data acquisition module for use in thermal chamber applications

OData support
Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

The properties of electronic devices vary depending on environmental parameters. Temperature, humidity and blast all have an effect on the physical and electronic properties of the given component. Due to the increased requisition load capacity and life-span decrease, so it has to be considered during the planning process.

As a result of the technological development the complexity of the electric devices greatly increased, so reliability got a major role. Investigations might focus on the exploration of the fault-mechanism as well as on the definition of the expected lifetime, and on the simulation of operation under extreme conditions.

In order to establish necessary conditions for investigations special devices, namely climate chambers have to be applied which are capable of changing temperature, humidity and blast in a wide range.

Measures with climate chamber are of crucial importance in the case of security-critical systems’ development (such as medical applications, or automobile industry), as well as systems requiring higher investment, or systems operating under special conditions such as satellites.

Data extraction from the climate chamber leads to difficulties, as the supporting circuit has to be located in the investigating environment, and its function cannot (or slightly) be influenced by the investigating conditions. There is no possibility to open the chamber during the investigation process, so measurements have to occur inside the chamber, moreover, extraction of data happens in the chamber as well.

For processing of the large amounts of data a computer is needed which is supported by an external entity connected to a data acquisition circuit.

In my thesis I am dealing with planning of the circuit for the climate chamber used by the Electronic Devices Department, complying with the mentioned requirements.


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