Design of an embedded image processing system using high level synthesis

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In this modern age, we have to satisfy the needs of our customers and users more and more rapidly. Therefore, there is a rising interest in rapid prototyping techniques. We can notice this tendency in FPGA based development, too. The Manufacturers make more emphasis on the support of high level solutions, typically C/C++ based, instead of classical, low level hardware descriptions languages (HDL). But these methods are not widely used.

My task was to explore the integration possibilities of the new development methods, and try them, in MTA SZTAKI’s, FPGA based UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) project. During this work, the backwards compatibility with our older developments had high priority. But, we also want to make easier the integration of the algorithms, which has already tested in PC environment.

The thesis shows the optical based navigation system of the UAV. I introduce the new high level methods, via some functional part of the UAV, and I compare these techniques with the classical HDL way.


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