Porting an Embedded Operating System to LSI StarPro2704 Platform

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Over the last decades, the rapid evolution of telecom has set up strict requirements towards engineering and technology. More and more complex and high performance types of hardware are being developed, which require ever more efficient and reliable software solutions. These hardware-software systems have to perform at several fields, such as accuracy, speed and low consumption. On the other hand, the time of development cycle is important as well. Thus it is essential, that these systems can be easily built up from modules, and can be expandable.

Focusing on software, the most important part of these systems are the operating systems. An operating system is responsible for providing seamless connection between application and hardware, it have to schedule functionalities and tasks, also to handle hardware units, and to provide communication between inner subunits, and also to outside world.

My task was to provide the most appropriate operating system to such platform (LSI StarPro2704). This includes giving an overview of available operating systems today, choosing regarding given viewpoints, and porting to the specific hardware. The operating system was required to run on the ARM11 core of the platform, and to provide further communication possibilities (UART and Ethernet).


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