Embedded system development for Coriolis mass flow meters

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In industrial flow measurement material balance determinations and custody transfer operations require accurate mass flow measurement. Traditionally, mass flow was often calculated from the outputs of the volumetric flowmeter and the densitometer. By measuring density and multiplying it by the volumetric flow rate, we can even infer the mass flow rate. However, such indirect methods commonly result serious errors in measuring mass flow. The technology of Coriolis mass flowmeter allows mass flow and density to be measured directly.

My degree thesis is about the development of a data acquisition system for the measuring equipment made by MMG Flow Ltd. The aim was to design such a new, low-power embedded system which is able to run more complex algorithms and ensures greater accuracy compared to the original solution. The development includes the understanding of the basic principles and study how Coriolis mass flow meters work. I gained experience in signal processing, selecting hardware components and programming microcontrollers. After the selected hardware components are suited, the firmware writing took place. The signal processing system was calibrated and comparative measurements were undertaken as well.

By the end of the semester the prototype was completed and it meets the original requirements and aims. Results of the comparative analysis show that the new system is able to measure data with smaller deviation, thus allowing more accurate mass flow measurement.


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