Using CMSIS-DAP interface for embedded system testing

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The unavoidable consequence of the technological development is the appearance of more and more complicated embedded systems. Our devices are able to perform more complex tasks; furthermore, they can be trusted with our lives as well. Rapid technolog-ical developments bring new challenges for developer engineers. Therefore these devices need to be quick, smart but safe as well. Thus the safety-critical nature and ever-growing need for complexity motivate the members of industry to provide an effective, reliable and flexible test environment for the developers.

The diagnostic and calibration purposed communication with the embedded systems means a huge problem in the case of complex and often hard real time applications. The cause of this problem is the fact, that in many instances during a test the expanded re-sponse time is not allowed between sending diagnostic data and receiving calibration data. This dead time may radically change the functioning of the tested system, there-fore the real time testing of the system too.

In this document the reader can get acquainted with the ARM based microcontrollers and its debug architecture. It gives a summary on the basis of LabVIEW, the graphical programming language, HIL test and the modern measurement and calibration protocol, the so-called XCP. Furthermore, it demonstrates those form of diagnostic purposed communication, which uses the debug interface of an ARM cored microcontroller for getting data. This method takes place without the contribution and knowledge of the embedded system, which provides great possibilities during the tests, because it has no influence on the operation of the system. The essay fully expands the CMSIS-DAP based function library access implementation, based on a graphical programming lan-guage, the so-called LabVIEW. Finally, the completed interface is integrated to a XCP based environment, which leads to a HIL based test environment.

Summarizing, the conclusions of the essay may have crucial importance in other parts of science as well. For example, the graphical programming language, or the ARM based devices play an important role in industry too.


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