Automatization of embedded system development in Linux

OData support
Dr. Kollár Zsolt
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In embedded software development, open-source software is becoming more and more widespread. One of the most popular operating systems used in embedded environment is Linux, which is because of its modularity and as it is available free of charge. A medical device manufacturing company gave me the task to upgrade the running environment of the developed embedded software running on the embedded device (which is a diagnostic medical device). This means the update of the Linux distribution, the kernel and all the utilities needed by the embedded software. This should be synchronized with the developer environments, ensuring the same functionality of the target hardware and the developer PC. Therefore my thesis deals with getting to know all the relevant processes, extending those for unified maintainability while discovering the occurring consequences. This includes making the embedded software build-able and runnable as well as writing scripts for automatic generation of the development and running environments.


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