Analyzer for embedded systems communication on .NET

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My task was to create a network monitoring application, which is suitable for analysing communications of embedded systems. With its help it becomes easier to test the system during the development. The task is also a project for Inventure Inc.

First I surveyed the market for applications with similar terms, I analysed their advantages and disadvantages. Basically I found two directions of applications, one with little service, but cheap or equipped with many extra features, but expensive. I drew the conclusions from the experience I gained, what features my application must have, among them was displaying the messages, signal decoding and displaying from the messages, filters, etc.

During the design process I broke down the task to three layers, and have ordered a clear task to each layer, then defined interfaces for connecting them. During the designing of layers I determined witch modules the individual functions will implementing, I have designed the internal structure of these modules, also prepared a class hierarchy when it was necessary.

After finishing the planning, I implemented the planned modules. I tried to communicate the more interesting of these implementations in my dissertation. Complicated task which I have described, were added a code snippet for better understand. After describing some of the features, I included images, which show the application during operation.

The final task was to test the completed application. First I tested functionally the program, while ensuring real-world conditions, I tried every function. Then I performed load test measurements by three or four times of industrial load. Based on the results I made changes in my application, then new measurements were performed, I learnt improvement.

In overall, the scheduled tasks have been fully completed, the target has been reached. The completed program having modifications now is used in practical applications for testing products by Inventure Inc.


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