Development of an embedded robot controller for a SCARA type robot

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of this BSc thesis is the design, construction and testing of a compact controller module for a two degrees of freedom SCARA type robotic arm. The motivation for this project was to provide a way for the robot to function outside the laboratory environment with the help of the new control system, while maintaining the high-level programmability.

In the first chapter of the thesis document, I detail the considerations and requirements that the system must meet: size, power supply, the transmission of control and actuator signals, programmability, command interface and requirements for further development.

In the next chapter I show in detail the process of the selection of the most important components. These are the parts which need to be in the system to fulfill the specifications. I show the role of each hardware component, the possible solutions, and the chosen part.

The third chapter is about the selection of other, supportive components, which enable the operation of the module. Here I write about the attributes of each chosen part, adding details of calibration calculations, where applicable.

In the fourth chapter I show the design of the printed circuit board and the specific solutions used in the process.

In the fifth chapter I present the firmware, which I wrote for the embedded microcontrollers and microprocessor found in the final plans.

The last chapter documents the assembly and testing of the module, including the hardware and firmware tests.

The appendix contains the pinouts of the connectors found on the completed module.


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