Design and Development of Embedded Sensor Network with Android Support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays smarthome controllers and additional solutions are becoming increasingly popular in households. Digital development is not only in this area it perceptible on the market of communication devices such as smartphones and tablets. With these devices we can manage our affairs through the internet, we can read latest news or even these are suitable for remote monitoring of our household.

My purpose with this thesis is to design and develop a sensor network, which can allow to remote monitoring indoor enviroment variables of our houses or buildings. This system contains an embedded sensor network, a mobile application and a server-side application.

Components of embedded sensor network are the central unit and sensor clients which can communicate with central unit via wireless modules. The operation of these components based on ARM and AVR microcontrollers which are used in industries and among hobby-programmers worldwide. Sensor clients send values of indoor temperature and carbon-monoxide of air to the central unit. These values will be processed by the central unit, and if values are abnormal it sends an alert message to our smartphone what runs Android operating system. Processed values stored by an ASP.NET-based server.


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