Implementing embedded software framework on dual-core mobile robot system

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Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis describes the embedded software of a mobile robot which is designed for the Eurobot contest. The structure of the hardware is distributed - similarly to the automotive domain. The different Electronic Control Units (ECUs) communicate with each other and the high level logic on a CAN bus. The ECUs contain two units: the CoreCard which is responsible for the calculations while the other unit is responsible for the Node specific tasks. The CoreCard is a common part of the ECUs while the other unit might vary. The microcontroller on the CoreCard is special in the way it has a heterogeneous dual-core structure. The embedded software development includes the implementation of a software framework that aims to reduce the complexity of the application development on the mobile robot. One of the key element of complexity reduction is to make the software components independent, and as a result making the integration easier. The independency of the software components is improved by using embedded operating system that makes the synchronization of the software components with each other and internal/extern events possible without affecting the algorithm of the software component. The SYS/BIOS operating system is used for this task. The services and structure of the SYS/BIOS is explained in the thesis and further the OS is used for the implementation of the other parts of the framework. The other part of the framework encapsulates the commonly used tasks of the development as modules and offers more abstract, easy to use API functions for the application development. There are two major modules: one is responsible for the cross-core communication while the other helps with the communications over the network between the ECUs.


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