Embedded web based development environment for PLC applications

OData support
Rácz György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The aim of my thesis is to create a soft-PLC tool that relies heavily on modern web

technologies and also carries its own web-based development environment. The developed

device has to have the possibility of further upgrades while also providing compatibility

with the appropriate standards for industrial control.

During the implementation I worked with JavaScript (and TypeScript). The built-in

web interface builds on Angular technology.

In my thesis I briefly review the historical background of programmable logic controllers,

the causes of their development and the basics of their operation. After that I discuss their

system architecture and their typical use cases. The first chapter is outlined with a brief

description of the IEC-61131-3 programming standard, which my device must comply with.

In the second chapter, I discuss the requirements and the possibilities for implementation

of the environment, and then present the system plan of my proposed solution.

The main part of this work is the third chapter in which I explain the structure and

functioning of the whole system. The chapter also describes the format of the data files

used, the data structures, the implemented algorithms and the development of the graphical


The environment is tested with a simple program and the results and experiences are

recorded in chapter 4.

The fifth and final chapter presents the possibilities for further development of the

completed system.


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